Your dog has been drafted into the service

2 min readMay 17, 2022

I remember when the very first service dogs were golden or chocolate labrador retrievers that were trained to guide visually impared people across the street.

Well,now the role of the service dog has expanded.

I’ve seen people bring dogs on a tour bus,accompanying them for the trip. The dog took a seat and enjoyed the ride.

I’ve seen chihuahuas in wal mart. some were allowed to walk freely,and some were carried in a infant sling or baby carrier.

I’ve seen corgis on a train.

And according to the service dog registry:

The breed,age, size, or training of the dog is irrelevant.The owner is assumed to have trained the dog. Nor will the owner be required to provide documents to prove disability,thus requiring the need for emotional support,in the form of canine companionship.

Because,it’s all on the honor system.

Now there are some folks who do have medical conditions that require a service dog companion.

And I’m sure there are some who don’t

That’s right,who’s gonna lie to the registration board to have their dog signed up for free just so they can literally take their pet everywhere?

You’d be surprised.

In my opinion,

If some things are given out free without monitoring,things might get abused,as some folks don’t appreciate a good thing when they have it. (for example,coupon reality shows)

Not throwing shade on the service dogs. But to be real,there’s always someone trying to get over on something intended for a good reason,and free too?

I’m just sayin’ don’t be surprised if the whole service dog thing gets overhauled after,say, someone’s 200-pound ST. Bernard goes crazy and knocks over a sample platter at a Costco, scaring workers,observing patrons,and little kids,who just wanted to get a taste of that week’s special.

Customers gasp and move away quickly, the owner apologizes profusely, and yanks the leash with no effect, trying in vain to placate the hungry behemoth that’s devouring everything in sight.


Then again,that might never happen.

Somtimes, if it’s free it’s not appreciated.

It would be hilarious though to see the extreme someone would take having a service animal with them…but no service is necessary.

if someone walks a goat into wal mart I may just collapse from laughing.

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