You gonna learn today! the Borg, Son Goku, and Adam blade, got your lessons ready.

4 min readApr 13, 2022


So what does a cybernetic hivemind space Collective and two anime characters have to do with your success?

I’m glad you asked.

It seems that these fictional characters have a very effective way of dealing with challenges, setbacks, and failures that is actually applicable to real life.

How? Here it comes.


The inhuman, or barely human cybernetic enemy of the members of Star Trek Enterprise Next Generation. No race was more feared than the Borg. The hive-minded, coldly Logical Collective had a simple goal:

Absorb all sentient life-forms into the collective. Absorbing their strengths knowledge and abilities. Remove their independent thought and individuality.

But that’s not their most frightening ability.

The Borg, when engaging the crew of the Enterprise, displayed an ability to adapt instantly to whatever was thrown at them.


Borg boards Enterprise. They tend to just teleport into the ship without warning.

Crew members shoot Borg with a phaser trying to kill Borg.

Borg adapts instantly, Keeps coming until crew member is overpowered and drawn into the collective.

How to be Borg like:

Address problems with minimal emotional response. this is kind of like stoicism, only paying attention to what is actually important

Seek solutions, absorb useful data, make improved adjustments immediately.

Keep moving towards goal.


Son Goku, from an anime series called Dragon Ball Z, is a humanoid alien called a Super Saiyan, who possesses capabilities such as:


energy projection


energy absorption

martial arts mastery

incredible durability and endurance

so, getting into a fight with Son Goku was like fighting a force of nature.

But that’s not Goku’s main ability

If Goku ever, ever, got beat in a fight, That Sayian learned from it so quickly that an opponent would never ever nail him the same way again.

Goku even came up with surprise counter moves, and kicked enemy butt cheeks in unexpected attacks.

How To Be Like Son Goku:

If you made a mistake in a situation, analyze every element that led up to the failure.

Once you can track every step, every second, every move, that led up to the debacle, then you can plan counter moves and control the outcome. You’ll never get caught like that again.


Who is Adam Blade?

Adam Blade is the lead character in an anime called needless. Adam kind of looks like a slacker wearing a trench coat, jeans, boots, sunglasses no shirt and a choker around his neck. Adam also has a jewel embedded in his forehead

(waaay before lil Uzi vert)

Adam gets into scraps with some seriously powerful combatants. Some of these guys can punch through Stone, bend steel, and move at blinding speed, Some can also throw energy projectiles in an attempt to send Adam to the Hereafter with haste.

Adam holds his own but Adam has an edge:


The by ah what?

it’s a crystal embedded in Adams forehead. not the fashion statement made by that rapper Uzi vert. in Adams case, the stone actually serves a purpose.

The BYAKUGOU Gives Adam the ability to absorb, copy, imitate and even enhance What he absorbs from his enemies when he fights them. For example:

Adam encounters fire wielder. Adam gets scorched but it ain’t over. Adam absorbs the ability to control flames. not only can he control them he can throw them from his hands and his mouth at temperatures even hotter than originally encountered, while being completely immune to them.

How to get your BYAKUGOU On:

Simple. Reverse-engineer a successful person’s method they used to overcome a problem you’re presently having.

learn the method. See where you can enhance the method

Once done, add your own nuances to it and create an entirely new method.

Once you’ve analyzed the abilities these three characters have, you can adapt and apply them to meet your own needs when addressing problems.


Don’t be emotional, be analytical. Gather data then adapt.

Son Goku:

Failure was a process. Examine what happened, create countermeasures.

Adam Blade:

learn the tactics of the successful. Master and enhance the techniques. Add your unique perspective. Create a brand new method.

There it is. Give it a shot and see the difference in your approach to difficulty.




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