You can’t get deez nutz if you’re broke

1 min readMay 29, 2022


No,really nuts are worth plenty money.

And there are people breaking the law for nuts.

Nut thieves hack company websites,get fake documentation and literally drive away with truckloads of almonds,pistacio and walnuts.

valued at 150–500k.

And they’re sold on the black market to hungry buyers in Europe and Asia.

One year,california suffered a total of 4.6 million in theft.

Those are some expensive nuts.

And opportunistic, crooks are getting paid in an industry that most don’t even think twice about.

Imagine, a unscrupulous character on the corner, watching out for law enforcement while soliciting passerbys:

“I got them nuts”

‘“Get these nuts”

“I got what you need,walnut,almond,pistacio. one pound for ten”


If a nut theif gets caught,what is he charged with?

Illegal nut handling?

Intent to distribute deez nutz without a license?

I dunno.But there’s one thing for sure:There are plenty of ways to get paid nowadays.

And you can Cultivate your business talent without the cops getting involved.

Whether it’s writing,contracting or something else you can find a way.

Here’s a suggestion


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