Why you must have your own Practical mental model.

3 min readMay 1, 2022


First of all what is a mental model?

Here’s the definition:

Mental models are personal, internal representations of external reality that people use to interact with the world around them. They are constructed by individuals based on their unique life experiences, perceptions, and understandings of the world.

Everyone whether they realize it or not, is already using a mental model. It’s evident in how they interact in the world and the obvious results they’ve been getting.

From my personal observations, I’ve seen people use Mental models that consisted of:

Doing as little work as possible.

And designating work to others.

Consistently concerning themselves with other people’s affairs. Whether it be gossip, criticizing other people’s work performance, or constantly trying to manipulate others to do what they want.

Now the reason why I brought these up, is because I’ve experienced them in real life. And, I’ve noticed that the more people who employ these type of mental models have all contributed to the state of the environment that exists at the job. No doubt it is also contributed to the revolving-door environment where people come in and go right back out.

This takes a great deal of energy to do. I saw how ineffective this was, problematic, and just plain wasted time.

Then I observed the mental models of Warren Buffet and his partner, Charlie Munger. They are the reason I even knew mental models existed.

Their results? well, they’re billionaires. Nuff said.

The difference in the quality of their lives started with their thinking. anyone can change their thinking.

So I created a mental model of my own.

It consisted of the following:

minding my own business.

Taking full responsibility for my own actions. Getting the desired results took specific actions. Bad actions Bad results. Good actions, Good results.

Assume that no one is coming to do anything or help me with anything. I have to do it myself.

To be absolutely certain the job will be done, do it yourself and finish it.

And most importantly, remove emotions from the situation. the job has to be done. Getting emotional, wondering why such-and-such didn’t do diddly has nothing to do with you. What are you responsible for? Are you handling your business?

What I also noticed is that the more you focus upon yourself, the more you learn about yourself. if you find yourself in a situation, where you feel awkward, out of your element, or just plain strange, Check yourself. Did you do or say something to cause that?

Do you realize the vast amount of opportunities that exist just in turning your attention inwards?

I mean for me, just focusing on my own business, has shown me the vast possibilities that can be had by simply looking at the things that I need to do for myself.

If I feel I need to improve on something,simply do that thing to get the desired result. If I have to be more consistent, nothing else will help but, actually being consistent. complaining? nope. Excuses? Nope.

I also realized, that the average person spends more time giving the appearance of being a thing, rather than putting in time to develop becoming that thing.

that makes no sense to me at all.

I look at my actions if a negative result comes up because of that.

I look at what I could have done to make the situation better.

I’ve begin visualizing myself in that scenario performing the corrected actions.

Then I remind myself to behave differently in that situation in order to get that favorable reaction.

By constantly keeping the focus on my behavior, and taking responsibility for my personal actions no matter how small, I’ve noticed, that I have become more efficient in my work. And being more efficient, get some work done faster. This mindset is also applicable to everything you do on a day-to-day basis.

This is just my opinion, but I know for a fact that everybody has a mental model and it is evident in the way they interact in the world around them. Just like successful people, less successful people also possess a mind, it’s just that they are not using it as effectively and efficiently as a more successful person.

Everyone has this ability.

Everyone can change for the better.

Hope this helped somebody.

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