Welcome to the morning crash

2 min readMay 20, 2022

Another case of a dreaded “smartacus” on the loose.

One time before sunrise I went to catch a cab and head to work offering plenty of overtime.

At the cab stand there was an older gentleman drinking an energy drink,who took me to my job.

Simple concept,catch a cab, go to work,

It wasn’t that easy. It was almost like mortal Kombat’s omnious voiced announcer:


Less than 5 minutes into the ride the driver nearly crashes into a parked car.

“Oh man,I’m in my own world” he said after swerving at the last instant,narrowly avoiding a fender bender.

I was pissed.

As if the near crash wasn’t enough, the nutcase gets lost and spent almost 10 minutes looking for the right road.

Say what?

That energy drink he was sucking on might as well have been tap water because he was neither alert or cognitive, but crash-prone with no sense of direction.

(Lord,I need your help)

When I finally got to work (thankfully in one piece) I reported his ass to the dispatcher who apologized and said the guy crashed into a parked car before.

(What the? And he still works for the cab company?)

They eventually fired this energy drink sucking genius.

This lame-o said he was in his own world. Well I didn’t ask to go there especially if a crash was involved.

The world i’d rather be in is one where if I spend good money for results,

I expect to get them.

Not some lame excuses backed by a history of crashing failures.

Improving your financial status or personal health shouldn’t be any different,

There are plenty of accidents waiting to happen masquerading as legitimate opportunities.

Yeh? Well avoid the impending doom, cause you aint no crash test dummy.

You’re smart, hard working…

And deserve the best way to improve your financial situation.

Or your heath situation.

One thing’s for sure is the only way to get that done is if you take clear and focused action.

Every day you change your action,change your thinking.

Complain less.

Be dynamic,not passive.Youre the initiator,not a passenger, in this journey called your life.

Answer each situation with a well thought out plan and decisive action. Even if you make a mistake ,it’s still action.

Change your personal language;

No more:

“This makes me sick and tired”

Instead say:

“I’ll take care of it. It will be done.”

Try this for a week and see the difference in how your days go.

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