Mind whom you mock, they may surpass you.

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Achillies stayed relevant,no social media needed.

And how on Earth did Achilles stay relevant? well, in the movie Troy, Brad Pitt played the role of the near Immortal Warrior Achilles, who was roused from his sleep by a messenger boy sent by King Agamemnon.

The king called upon his champion to go forth to fight the champion of a rival Nation. it was the custom amongst these lands to send their top fighters to battle it out. So as to avoid thousands clashing swords and such. Whichever champion won, the side he represented was declared the victor.

Two men fought. One man won. This prevented thousands of bodies from piling up.

The message boy informed Achilles that the champion who waited to fight him was the biggest man he had ever seen and he would not wish to fight him.

To which Achilles responded “ That’s why they will not remember your name.”

In this article, you will see the correlation towards Achilles attitude and some of history’s well-known High achieving people.

Before master…Disaster

Before many of our modern-day icons got to the level of Mastery that they did, they were touted as being some of the most inept, incapable, untalented people by some of their would-be mentors. The following list will show you some names you may be familiar with.

Oprah Winfrey

Was stated as not having a face for television. well now you can clearly see that not only is she on television all the time, she’s also one of the first female billionaires.

Michael Jordan

Was told by his coach that he would not make it as an athlete and was actually cut from his team in high school. As we all know, he has set many records that have yet to be broken in the world of professional basketball.

Albert Einstein

He probably received the worst assessment of all.

He actually did not begin speaking until the age of four.

He was told by his teachers that he would not amount to anything. He had no natural talent, was incapable of learning.

Now, some of the greatest theories in mathematics are attributed to this man. even the mention of his name in passing, is utilized to denote someone of high intelligence.

Positive commonalities

What they all had in common was that, they all were rather Ordinary People. nothing particularly outstanding about them. except maybe for their Drive, willingness to work, and refusal to quit.

Negative commonalities

What they all had in common as well was the unfortunate experience of being around a negative mentor who instilled such ideals in them that would have crushed a person of lesser Constitution.

Where are the detractors now?

Have you ever noticed in history that the people who have suffered the most, endured the most, faced the greatest odds, and came out successful on the other side are the ones who are remembered?

Now ask yourself this:

What are the names of the people who mocked Those whom we consider great?

What happened to these people who tried to project their limiting beliefs, shortcomings and negativity on people who were still in a state of development?

What happened to these people who failed to recognize that they could be an inspiration and a guiding Light to a person who was just discovering their way and their true purpose in life?

What happened to these people who would rather be a hindrance, a dissuasive element that could lead a talented person to a state of mediocracy?

Do these detractors have a hall of fame we don’t know about?

Well, it’s a good thing that these great people did not listen to their detractors. Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, will be remembered for their Works long after they are no longer physically on this Earth.

And as for the detractors?

just like Achilles said…

No one will remember their names.

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