Just like a mosquito…only bigger

2 min readJun 4, 2022


Good morning,here’s a joke:

What’s the difference between a fraud and a mosquito?

A mosquito got wings.

I personally despise scam artists who shamelessly peddle crap to folks trying to play on their need.

And this is after emailing the person without consent.

y’know, garbage like:

“Beneficiary,contact me for your payment”

(I can barely get my money back from people who I lend money to and know personally,but a stranger-from another country-Is gonna give me a few million?)

“You are a certified lottery winner”

(lissen,the most I won from scratch offs at the the local grocery was what,ten bucks? So how’d I win millions in a country I never set foot in?)

And the numbskulls who put out these crap emails are more than willing give you the millions.

all you have to do is:

Give your contact info (so they can steal your identy)

and pay a small transfer fee.

(By western union to a country outside of U.S. jurisdiction,so you can’t track them down,report them to the State attorney general,or for the most part,be able to do any damn thing to get your money back once the transfer is complete.)

These bipedal turds (a piece of crap on two legs) sole means of income is based on the exploitation of the gulliable,knowing that there is always someone who simply wants to improve their life, and on occasion take a chance.


These guys are bloodsuckers with no morals.A mosquito,annoying as it is, only does it’s thing to survive.

I think I actually owe mosquitoes an apology.

so the moral of all this?

If it’s too good to be true…It probably is

If you aint never been to ireland,well you couldn’t have possibly won a lottery there,savvy?

If someone from a third world country would like your help transferring a few million,just contact said person’s lawyer for the details,Then what the hell is the lawyer doing,allowing his client to contact an international stranger regarding such a large sum of money? wouldn’t that be inadvisable?

Get my drift?

the only thing you can be sure of is your own work.

you take an action,you get a result.

simple. no freebies.

Instead of dreamin of a major payday that’s too good to be true,what you can do is build your own income generator.


Based in reality. Totally belieavable.

You work. It works.

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