Is your name lawless crapo?

2 min readMay 24, 2022


What’s in a name? well,that depends.

Everyone’s name has a meaning and, depending on how you see it, could have a positive,negative or downright comical meaning depending on what you’re involved in.

In politics,for example, a good name means everything. Literally.

Don’t think so? Check this out:

North Carolina:

Ben Bushyhead ran for county commissioner.

His campaign posters displayed his clearly receding hairline.

New Hampshire: former house Rep named:

Dick swett.

No comment.

State treasurer of Alabama:

Young boozer

Cops breathalize him much?

A sheriff in Washington named:

Timothy shotwell.

Bob marley has a song called “I shot the sherrif” that might not be the case if this dude lives up to his name.

A Judge in Michigan:

Janelle Lawless.

Say what?

A senator from Idaho who said publicly that he dosen’t drink because of his mormon faith,was pulled over by cops and charged with a DUI.

His name:

Crapo…Mike Crapo.

So the next time someone makes a statement and is proven a hypocrite,

Don’t say “d’oh!” “Oh Crapo” will suffice.

Depending on what you’re involved in, a good name or title can have a serious effect.

Let me add a few shots:

Names for people who thought they were smart enough to pull a scam and got caught?(Please refer to thank an idiot)

They are known as:




Combined for effect:

Smartacus Geniusaurus

The name bestowed upon the ones whose nefarious plots failed miserably despite what they may have considered deep thought and planning.

I’m sure you have names for special people and special situations. feel free to share.

Let’s laugh together.

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