In space,no one can hear you lose yo job

2 min readJun 1, 2022


In one of my experiences,working for the world’s largest retailer:

I remember a female manager who got on the wrong foot with the employees when running the overnight shift.

She was a piece of work. smart mouth, unappreciative,totally dislikable.

Obviously the upper management wasn’t impressed with her productivity.

(or the employee complaints)

And the heat came down on her,something heavy.

You could tell she was feelin’ it every time there was a meeting she always started her complaints about:

“I’m not gonna lose my job,because”

“you guys can’t do yours”

“you guys aren’t organized”

“you guys think it’s a joke”

She never truly appreciated the power of focused resentement coming from large groups of people.

The stupid vague,ridiculous ways she tried to hold people accountable for work,by filling out reciepts

(who does that?)

Add the funky attitude, condesending and sarcastic mannerisims, and you had the recipe for an ended career.

She was scared for her job, but tried to act tough.

It was her own fault the complaint line was clogged with calls going to the corporate office.

So upper management dropped the hammer.

They sent her to a branch in Neptune NJ.

What’s in Neptune,I couldn’t tell you. sounded like it was somewhere in the boondocks.

But guessing how she didn’t know anyone,had no one backing her up,and was basically isolated, I figure it was a set up.

So if there was so much as another peep about her messing up, it was a done deal for real.

Apparently she couldn’t curb the crap.

In a brand new location she mucked up the situation.

The employees,who barely knew her, were repulsed and pissed at her not so charming ways.

And there was a lotta peeps going back to the corporate office.

She got the ax,and out she went into the big wide world of the unemployed.

This geinussarus showed me something:

Why work where your’e always stressed,couldn’t stand the people,and basically operated from a standpoint of constant pressure and fear of termination?

If it was me ,i’d think long term.

I don’t plan on working for the man for the rest of my days.

And if i’m good enough to run your shop while you make a faffillion dollars,then what? my brain aint good enough to create something for myself?

Says who?

The perks of working for yourself far outweigh working for someone else:

Work when you want.

Have control of your income.

No need to make quotas and brownnose to insure job security.

And the best part?

If you work for yourself…you can’t get fired.

Hey,that’s just my take on it

Imagine the fullfillment knowing you did things your way…and succeeded.

I’d say that’s worth struggling for.

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