How to impose your will for good.

2 min readMay 8, 2022


I’ve noticed in many of the places that I’ve worked, oftentimes people vent out their frustrations, personal agendas, at the job for apparently no reason.

Many times this translates into what they say, how they act, and it leaches into the in the company’s social environment, affecting morale.

For example, I work in a place where there are people who have been employed there for anywhere from ten, twenty, even 40 years.

Most of the folks here suffer from dissatisfaction, frustration, and the need to feel that they are doing more than what their position actually is.

What I found is, that often times, people mistake time vested as entitlement. Unfortunately, you could work for a company for 20 years, that does not mean you run anything.

Most of the folks here suffer the need to feel that they are doing more than what their position actually is.

This is where the old adage comes in. If you keep doing the same old things, you’ll end up getting the same old results.

I already understood that a job can’t give you satisfaction. Freedom to pursue your interests can.

I’ve also discovered, that focusing on yourself, is a full-time lifelong commitment. Being accountable for my actions Has caused me to not only be more aware and conscious of what I’m doing, But has allowed me to become more efficient at what I’m doing.

I also understood if dissatisfaction,frustration and unfullifment are states of mind. Don’t expect a job to fullfil you. You’re there to help them make money.They compensate you with a check because the law and unions requires it.

How Do I impose my will for good?


Focus on what I’m required to do and do it . I sometimes find myself focused to the point where I not only comlpete my tasks,but do them efficiently and quickly. Once done find another work related task to do that can help the work flow.

Avoid the bad energy. every job has the rumor mongers,complainers and artful dodgers. The folks who shift responsibility and dissapear. Focus on completion. Everyone, whether they realize it or not works on their reputation daily. I would rather be the guy who’s always working to help than the dude who’s almost like sasquatch: no one’s seen him.

Get your mind right.

Who said the job was your life? It’s just how you get money to live. The world’s full of people who made major changes in their lives simply because they believed there was better to be had. Expand your experiences inside and outside of the job. Read things that normally you’d ignore. Strike up conversation with the quiet guy at the job you never know,he might be a genius. Your life is as boring or as interesting as you can make it. Lastly, seek out your interests. there are others who are presently experiencing and have overcome what you are going through right now.

Impose your will for good. you’ll get sastisfaction and fullfillment.

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