Got problems? Don’t panic

2 min readApr 26, 2022


Ever notice how some of the most effective and successful people respond to challenges and threats that would drive the average person to a near emotional breakdown?

What keeps these people focused and capable during times of duress?


By doing the opposite of what the average person would do in the first place: Panic.

Don’t think so? Check this out.

The average person, if faced with a pressing problem, like:

The lights or gas is about to be cut off.

The landlord is threatening to evict them

Things are falling apart all around them. Then what does the average person do?

They panic. Then what happens?

Stress sets in. they develop headaches. Maybe migraines. After time perhaps even an ulcer.

Then their attitude is a mess; the average person under stress is always upset, angry.

This then affects their family members and friends who in turn become stressed out as well.

Everyone either becomes more argumentative, more confrontational, or avoid each other all together and hardly speak anymore.

The person being stressed can only see the wrong in everything simply because their environment, at present is such a mess.

This then becomes a cycle that feeds on itself unless something is done about it.

How does a successful person handle the same problem?

Same situation:

Lights and gas about to be shut off, landlord threatening eviction.

First thing: calm down. Don’t panic

Here’s why

Studies show when a person is under stress, the human body actually releases dopamine which may cause you to make decisions based only on immediate rewards or pleasure you might get from them.

The down side to this is, if you’re only seeking the easy way out you’re not considering the bad parts.

That actually makes it harder to decide and think clearly. Allowing stress to overcome you inhibits your ability to make clear-headed and effective decisions.

Successful people know this


The subconscious mind acts upon whatever the instructions the conscious mind gives it. And manifests it through your actions under these two circumstances:

Constant repetition (affirmation)

Highly emotional experiences (stress, being one of them)

If the average person’s mind is only filled with stressful, negative thoughts and unproductive affirmations (“man, I’ll never get outta debt!” say this every day for a month, sees what happens)

The subconscious mind will do everything it can to make these powerful thoughts a reality.

Regardless if the input is good or bad.

Successful people know this too.

When faced with a stressful or difficult situation, keep calm. Allow yourself to think clearly and look for as many options as possible. Consider other resources.

By being calm and level headed possibilities will reveal themselves to you that would have gone unnoticed had you been stressed out and worrying.

Being calm under duress is a skill that requires practice. When mastered, it will be one of the most effective tools you’ll ever have.

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