Determination is a powerful thing aint it?

2 min readMay 12, 2022

I read a story on cnn about a woman who wanted a child.

A fourth child to be exact. She already had 3 adopted daughters. After her attempt to adopt yet another child failed,

She put a plan into action.

$3165 and a few forged documents later, she purchased some frozen sperm from a sperm bank in Denmark.

Here’s where everything goes straight to crap.

The woman instructed her oldest daughter-a 13 year old-to inseminate herself with the illegally acquired sperm.

After 2 years, 6 attempts and 1 miscarriage the daughter-now 16- finally became pregnant.

At the hospital, the staff became suspicious and alerted the police when this determined woman:

Ignored suggestions that the mother should breastfeed the baby.

Apologized to her daughter for “putting her through all this”

Interrupted the bonding process between the mother and her baby.

Attempted to remove the baby from the hospital.

The 16 year old told police:

“My mum is a very determined person, and does her best not to let anything get in the way if she wants it”

Yeah? That determination got her mum 5 years in prison for child cruelty.

What can be learned from all this?

Determination can accomplish a lot if applied the right way.

The woman had a goal (to have a fourth child)

So she made a plan.

She got the money to purchase what she needed. (And forged documents)

She recruited someone to help her. (Her 13 year old who didn’t want a baby)

She kept trying for two years until she succeeded.

She was focused.

She was driven.

She was also dead wrong.

If she used that same unrelenting determination in a legal, ethical manner, she could have gotten what she wanted without having to endanger or harm anyone. Instead she endangered her daughter and the newborn baby, and wound up in jail.

Having a determined nature is great as long as you help folks rather than hurt or exploit them. The more people you help will eventually benefit you in the long run because folks will trust, respect, and even help you achieve your goals.

Are you a determined person who doesn’t let anything get in their way when they want something?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve you goals?

Then you already have what it takes to be successful.

Find your passion and don’t give up until it becomes a reality. Sick,tired,hungry makes on difference,especially if you are determined to have what you want.

No secret. No seminar. Just plain focus.

You can do this.

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