Coldblooded Gangster nuns and sensitive Hitwomen

2 min readMay 26, 2022


Check your local library and sign up for Hoopla,you’ll get a load of movies for free.

And one movie I seen directed by Hou Hsiao Hsien,was about a asian Nun who sent a female assassin to kill a lord of Weibo province.

A nun…sentencing people to death.Who woulda thunk it.

Usually, nuns live lives of seclusion,in years of righteous denial,cherishing and respecting all creation,while seeking enlightenment and wisdom fron the heavens.

Nope, not her.

This nun was gangster. If you were deemed a threat,or a problem, she wasn’t about clasping prayer beads and chanting for hours in insence-filled candelit chambers,

Nah, she sent her highly skilled assassin to kill your behind good and dead if you got in her way.

Here’s a quote that hit me

The nun said to her hitwoman shortly after yet another poor sap was put into the ground:

“Your skills are matchless,but your mind is held hostage by human sentiment”


Meaning,the assassin was at the top of her game,but her emotions were keeping her from being even better at her craft. Certain things that she was focusing on that were’nt helping her.

That dosen’t just apply to assassins. Everyone runs into something that disrupts their focus.

Well, we all got the potential to be good at something,many of us have untapped raw talent.

But that human sentiment keeps getting in the way.

Stuff like:

Laziness,excuses,fear of change,fear of success.

And what are the effects of these unproductive sentiments?

These things are getting in the way of your:

Improved lifestyle.


Peace of mind.

Control of your time and money.

So what you gonna do to get your mind out of the situation that’s keeping you from getting these things you deserve?

Simple. attack the problem like the assassin did,because they’re getting in the way of your success. Excuses and laziness are adversaries that need to be removed.

You don’t have to be held by unnproductive sentiment.

The nun didn’t let anyone or anything get in her way.

Neither should you.

Break free of unproductive sentiments. Build your own opportunity.

And don’t hurt nobody.

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