Bamboozle the government? Welcome to Club Fed. Thanking Idiots part 2.

3 min readMay 16, 2022


Covid hit the economy mercilessly. Businesses were shut down. People were separated from their jobs as their sole means of support. The government attempted to revitalize the economy with many covid related Grant programs as well as stimulus and extended unemployment benefits.

During this time, a whole lot of thievery took place.

A couple of thieves in separate cells.

Julio enrique lugo and Rosenide Venant

Dual deceivers and swindling spouses.

Davenport couple defrauded government of 5 million dollars in Covid relief money.

They filled the appropriate documentation with inappropriately misleading information along the lines of employees, about 20 or so, needing to be paid because the business was shut down.The couple presented their business as in need of relief because it was struggling.

The government sent the funds. Too bad there were no actual businesses or employees.

This didn’t prevent them from filling out over 70 loan applications. A determined lot of defalcators.

The money was spent on gambling, expensive handbags, and an expensive BMW.

Of course Mr. Lugo had to post pictures on Facebook depicting multiple stacks of $100 bills lined on a bed in a hotel room.

As well as a $5,000 watch surrounded by stacks of money.

Mr. Lugo, upon his arrest, was found to be already on modified probation for a fraud case that he was involved in from 2015.

Baby blue turns State Orange.

A singer from a group called Pretty Ricky, named Diamond Blue Smith.

He and about 11 others involved in a 24 million-dollar scam regarding p p p loans from the government.

The crooner,told Lies stating his business shut down and a large number of employees losing jobs. (usual lie told by covid relief scammers)

Upon receipt of the funds, he of little brains purchased expensive Vehicles, jewelry and clothing.

The tawdry display of newly gotten money drew the attention of the feds who descended upon Him, smote him with fines, and served him with 20 months

he surrendered to the Bureau of Prisons.

His name was baby blue.

He will be wearing state orange.

Woo gang: can a twenty dummies fit in one cell?

Despite being young and possessing sound minds and bodies, this gang of Mostly 20 somethings, went against the sage advice given in the movie Tropic Thunder: They went full retard.

Behold the power of idiots in large groups.

The woo gang consisted of roughly 20 young men who reviled honest work. The Scoundrels created fake addresses and fake accounts, into which millions of dollars of unemployment benefits were deposited.

Stole 20 million. Got away with 4.3 million before it was cut off.

Reveling in this temporary victory, the imbeciles gloated on social media: cars, clothes, shoes and large sums of cash clutched in their Bejeweled flingers we’re on display.

They even had rhymes depicting how unemployment paid for their lifestyles.

They were in turn, going to pay with their freedom.

The federal government with its vast resources and manpower, investigated. Rounded up the Dunces, tried them in court, where they were found guilty.

They too, were sent to the prisons.

will 20 years make them wiser in addition to obviously being older?

That remains unknown.

In these three cases, the individuals were foolish enough to think that they could defraud the government which has incredible reach into our lives.

And to make things worse, the idiots in all cases made public displays of their gains bringing unwanted attention to their activities.

Perhaps if they learned to keep their mouths shut like the old mafiosos of the past who never spoke on the phone or did anything publicly, maybe they would have been able to hold on to their money- and their freedom- a little bit longer.

Thanks, idiots. Another failed tactic revealed.

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